ELRS preferred configuration

If you have an ExpressLRS system, this is my preferred config for ELRS 3.x:

Packet rate

100 Hz Full

As I fly long-range fixed-wing, I go for 100 Hz Full to get range and telemetry bandwidth.

Telemetry ratio


I use this to get a high telemetry rate. It could probably go lower, but I don’t think it hurts anything.

Switch mode

12ch Mixed

I use this mode because I prefer having full rate on channels 1-4, rather than have three extra channels. For details, see the documentation.

TX Power

Dynamic power at 250 mW max.

I use this because dynamic power works well enough, and my transmitter only does 250 mW max. If yours does more, feel free to set it to that.

Model match


I don’t like model match, as I have one radio model for all my ELRS planes. Having model match enabled would mean that I need one radio model per plane.

Last updated on November 19, 2022. For any questions/feedback, email me at hi@stavros.io.