Getting VoWiFi working on

I got a new Xiaomi phone (a Poco F4) and flashed it with Unfortunately, just like my Poco F3, Voice-over-WiFi wouldn’t work. I had looked before, but I couldn’t find anything, I assumed it was a problem with the phone. This time, I looked again, and found some posts hinting at it being a problem with the provisioning profile, and recommending using Qualcomm’s QPST tool to load the MBN profile.

I tried that, but the profiles weren’t there, or they wouldn’t be enabled, and in general I just couldn’t get it to work. Then, I came across a post on the forums that ended up working for me very easily, and I’m writing it up here in case I need it again.

Enabling the profile

First, you should disable carrier checks for VoLTE and VoWiFi, just in case. You can do that by going to the dialer and entering the following number: *#*#86583#*#* (the numbers spell out β€œvolte”, which is easier to remember). Make sure the popup says β€œcarrier check disabled”, otherwise do it again until it does.

Then, do the same for *#*#869434#*#* (spells out β€œvowifi”), until that check is disabled too. Now you’ll have the appropriate menus in the settings.

To actually load the profile, you need to enter the number *#*#663368378#*#* (”modemtest”). Then, go to β€œMBN config loading and activing tool” shown here:


Then press β€œAdvanced”:


Select mbn_eea.txt (if you’re in Europe), and then press β€œvalidate”.


Wait for it to finish, then you should be set. Restart the phone, enable Airplane mode, enable WiFi and make a call. If it works, you’re done.

Last updated on July 23, 2022. For any questions/feedback, email me at