Notes on my TimSav

A few years ago I made a TimSav foam cutter CNC. These are my notes on it, because I keep forgetting things.

  • It runs FluidNC.
  • M3 S200 enables the spindle at 20%, M3 S0/S0 disables it, M5 halts it.

To generate the Gcode, I use a program called LaserWeb. I have a few notes on it:

  • After you load an SVG, you need to click the leftmost button below the SVG, with the three cubes. This will select all the paths to generate movements for.
  • You need to click β€œCreate single” to create a path to mill.
  • I use β€œLaser Cut” as the tool.

I created a small script, cnc_unwanted_moves, to remove unwanted tool off/on at each corner. I won’t share it here, as it’s too specific to my configuration, and probably useless to anyone else.

Last updated on October 02, 2023. For any questions/feedback, email me at