Cloning cards/fobs with a Proxmark3

Cloning a Paxton fob

Basically, follow this guide:

I managed to read my fob with:

lf hitag read --ht2 -k BDF5E846

If you’re getting β€œPassword failed!” or nothing back, move the fob around the 125KHz antenna (the top one), it should eventually work.

Afterwards, convert the fob pages to an EM4100 ID, and flash the ID to a T5577, emulating an EM4100 chip:

lf em 410x clone --id <your hex id>

Read it back to make sure:

lf em 410x reader

You should be done, but I haven’t tested it as I don’t have a Paxton reader handy.

Cloning MiFare cards

See Cloning a Mifare Classic 1K.

Card cloner password

I have an AliExpress cloner which clones LF cards. Unfortunately, whenever it clones a card, it sets the password bit on it. This makes the card not respond to writes/wipes without the password (it just keeps having the same data, no matter what you write).

To remove it with the Proxmark3, run:

lf t55 wipe -p 51243648

Cloning T5577 cards

Read the card with:

lf em 410x reader

Write with:

lf EM 410x clone --id <the ID from before>

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